What makes a stressed-out city? A stressed-out city is comprised of a majority of citizens who are overwhelmed, anxious and unhappy in their everyday lives. Detroit, Michigan was named the most stressed-out city in both 2018 and 2019. You may be wondering, what about Detroit makes it citizens so stressed out to the daily mail “Detroit had the worst credit scores, the highest poverty rate and the lowest percentage of adults getting adequate sleep each night.”

We can assume the reason for these low credit cards is a significant amount of debt. The citizens of Detroit are in debt, are unemployed and are not getting enough sleep every night. All of these factors together contribute and build on the stress all adults face.

On the flip side, the least stressed city in the United States is Fremont, California. According to the Daily Mail, the lack of stress from this city comes from high job security, low poverty rate, high median credit score, low divorce rate. People in Freemont, California are successfully employed, have a high credit score and have happy marriages.

Ranked number 6th on the least stressed cities in the United States is Plano, Texas. The reason for the relaxed citizens highest average hours of sleep per night, low crime rates and affordable housing.

Written By – Aly Bowles – Social Media Coordinator