What is Infertility Therapy

Infertility, or the inability to conceive a child, is often emotionally painful. In some cases, infertility may lead to grief that can be as intense as the grief of losing a living child. Those experiencing fertility issues may find it helpful to speak to a therapist.

Understanding Infertility Therapy

Therapy can be most beneficial when but not limited to:

  • Starting a new treatment or after a failed treatment
  • Having to make difficult treatment decisions
  • Needing extended family support and assistance
  • Considering third party assistance (surrogacy, egg or sperm donation)
  • Investigating other options for family building

In therapy, those faced with infertility will be able to discuss options and make decisions about how to proceed, whether through adoption, fertility treatments, artificial insemination, surrogate parenting, or even separation.

Therapy can also help couples deal with the feelings of guilt or anger that may arise between two partners when only one person is infertile.

Fertility challenges can lead to emotional trauma and put strain on a partnership.

While fertility treatments in the medical field may be able to help improve the likelihood of conception, entering therapy while undergoing these treatments can be a helpful way to work through grief, anxiety, worry, and other emotions that may be experienced as a result of fertility issues, especially in the event that treatments fail.

Why Should I Choose Infertility Therapy

A recent diagnosis of infertility can potentially cause stress and anxiety, and both the wait for a diagnosis and attempts to find a fertility treatment that works can cause anxiety and conflict in a partnership. Those affected by infertility may also experience depression, feel hopeless or defeated, and experience low self-esteem or self-loathing.

When a couple is affected by fertility issues, infertility therapy can help improve communication and may make it easier for the couple to make decisions that work for both partners.

Sometimes partners may disagree about the best course of treatment or one partner may feel hesitant to seek medical help, and a therapist can help a couple navigate these concerns. Therapy may also be a useful place to discuss how long infertility treatments should be pursued or the amount of money that should be spent on attempting treatment.From Source.


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Scientific Backing of Infertility Therapy


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Key Benefits of Therapy at Exult

At Exult, we have multiple professionals who are licensed in helping your and your partner.

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Access to on-site psychiatrist
  • Providers work together
  • Tailored program for your loved one
  • Afternoon hours
  • Yoga and Mindulness

We do take multiple insurances such as United, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Medicare but we suggest you discuss any major medical decisions with your insurance provider.

We offer medication management but we try to keep an open discussion between the client, therapist, and psychiatrist as to the needs of the client.

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