April 8th through April 12th is recognized as National Youth Violence Prevention Week. According to SAVE, the Students Against Violence Everywhere group, “this week-long national education initiative will involve activities that demonstrate the positive role young people can have in making their school and community safer.” During this week, teachers, parents, and principals come together to prevent potential violence that children may suffer throughout the year. To help keep the children in our community safe this week, let’s follow the four E’s of the SAVE movement and:

  • Educate – “educate students about the effects and consequences of violence as well as safe activities for students, parents, and the community. “
  • Empower – “empowers youth with knowledge and skills necessary to provide service to their community and school.”
  • Engage – “engage students in meaningful violence prevention efforts within their school and community.”
  • Encourage – “positive peer influences within the school and community through violence prevention efforts.” (SAVE, 2019)

Large organizations such as SAMSHA also advice the use of the talk app with the tag line “Talk. They hear you.” According to SAMHSA “when parents and caregivers talk, children do listen. This app uses avatars to help parents practice starting- and continuing – the conversation.”



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Written by Aly – Social Media Coordinator