Depression is a global epidemic affecting the lives of millions of people worldwide. Research has delved into the, social, bio-chemical and pharmacological means of fighting depression. One novel approach suggests that a balanced nutrition rich in green leafy vegetables, nuts , fruits, seafood and low in red meats can promote a sense of well being.

Research carried out in Australia’s Deakin University showed that amongst 67 subjects who had depression and started on a healthy diet developed a significant improvement in their mood, energy, activity levels and sleep. This research was published in the January 2017 issue of BMC Medicine.

Nutrition plays a definitive role in a lot of therapeutic modalities such as those for hypertension, diabetes and other cardiac conditions, all impacting an organ- the heart. Hence, depression which stem from certain imbalances in the brain could also be assisted by nutritional therapy. These results have promoted psychiatry programs to teach their residents about the importance of diet in the management of mental illnesses.


So, what should you eat: research suggest a diet based on the Mediterranean style of eating( high on seafood, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, fruits, yogurt and cheese) and low on trans-fat rich foods like red meats.

As stated by Ms Loretta Go from Balwin, a change in her diet greatly impacted her mood, uncontrollable crying spells and insomnia- an effect which Prozac did not achieve.

So if you are at risk or suffering from depression, consult a dietitian and adopt healthier choices to experience a change!

From: Contributor, S. Mitra