Ever wonder what you could do instead of being on your smartphone?  The average American spends more than 3 hours on a smartphone per day, and most users is dedicated to messaging and social media, as well as navigation.  Here’s a list of things you may love to do without your smartphone which could ease your stress levels, anxiety, and depression.

  1.  Purchase an adult coloring book or even a coloring book for kids and let your inner child come out and play. Coloring may reduce your anxiety and stress.
  2. Take a walk without your device and let nature be your music
  3.  Take a nap.  A quick nap may help ease your stress and anxiety.
  4.   Take time to meditate.  Having quiet time may help you to reconnect with yourself
  5.   Join a yoga class it could help to keep you grounded
  6.   Go to lunch or dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.  Spending time with friends can help you feel more connected and not so isolated.    Isolating may lead to depression.
  7.   Go to a movie you been wanting to see ask a friend go with you
  8.  Plan a date with your spouse or partner leave your phones at home and reconnect with one another.
  9.   Take a drive and don’t use your navigation and see where you end up

In our busy world of technology today we can sometime forget to slow down and put our phones away.   Challenge yourself to take some time out for yourself.

Written By- Piper Dawn- Therapist