As we honor our men and women for Military Appreciation Month, this is a time to homage to those who are servicing or have provided services to our U.S. military.  These men and women give so much of themselves, make personal sacrifices, while often times not asking for anything in return.

As our service men and women protect our country, often times, they will find themselves going to war in other countries.  These men and women are deployed to other countries for months at a time, leaving their families and children behind.  Once the soldier’s duties are completed and they return home, the transition and redeployment back into “normal society” and family life may seem difficult and rather challenging.

Soldiers may be faced with encounters of but not limited to: difficulties adjusting to being home, feeling like an outsider, anxiousness, struggling with communicating feelings, and trouble sleeping.  Although the feelings they are experiencing is normal, it will take time, patience, and the strength to not give up!  If additional help is needed with readjusting, seek out professional help immediately.