Multiple celebrities have opened up about mental health, including the recent news of Demi Lovato’s suspected overdose. In our society, it is easy to idolize those we call celebrities, giving them an image that can be unobtainable.

However, we tend to forget these people are just as human as everyone else.

                According to Mental Health America much of our stress can come from everyday responsibilities as well as many obligations and pressures of both physical and mental activities. Celebrities have the whole world looking at them. Imagine trying to eat your breakfast with the twenty strangers taking photos of you trying to catch you spill your orange juice on yourself.

Demi Lovato is not the only one who has opened up about her struggles with mental health. Comedian, Pete Davidson, has also publicly spoken about his battles with sobriety, managing his Borderline Personality Disorder, and troubles with his Crohn’s Disease.

As a mental health facility, we believe awareness of mental health is key. We recently started our free mental health screenings. Allowing anyone to come into our facilities to meet with a mental health professional to learn if they need our services.

The understanding of mental health and all that the illness can ensue needs to be brought to light in our society. Celebrities humanizing themselves by being upfront about their struggles can help those take the needed steps to join the conversation to receive the help they deserve.


Written by: Kimmie Thompson, Exult Healthcare