May is National Foster Care Month.  It was initiated by President Ronal Regan in 1988 when he proclaimed the month of May as National Foster Care Month, creating a platform for recognizing foster parents and supporting them in their efforts in caring for children and youth in foster care.   Foster care parents play an intricate role of nurturing, supporting and providing for the well-being of children.

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, there are over 440,000 children and youth in foster care.  The number of children entering into foster care increases daily for reasons that may be related to abuse and neglect, substance use, mental health, financial struggles, etc.

Foster care is fundamental in providing a means to the reunification process that can create positive outcomes for children and families.   In order for foster care families to be successful in their efforts to care for children and youth, they will require support from the child welfare professionals, the community, families, and the government.

To support foster care, get involved!  Learn how you can support foster care in your community.  In addition, consider becoming a foster care parent.  Your decision to become a foster care parent can change the lives of so many children and youth that enter into care.